Meet Larry, Our Master Goldsmith here in Brooks

As you know, we are experts in bringing new life to old pieces and creating dream items to cherish for years to come. We love to create jewellery that will give a lifetime of joy.

There are significant features and benefits to having Larry on-site as our Designer and Master Goldsmith.

Here are a few key points that cannot be enjoyed when a business needs to “ship out” design and jewellery repairs.

1) We give YOU the ability to communicate in your own way and own words one on one with a master goldsmith and designer. YOU describe to him exactly what you want and express your vision clearly and precisely.

2) Custom design that is made OFFSITE is usually done via email, phone calls, and multiple photos back and forth, with a shop that is most likely in a different city or province. This gives a greater chance of your dream designs being watered down or not to your specifications. There are nuances that can get lost in translation.

3) We show you your piece every step off the way, you approve or alter an actual wax mold that you can feel and touch. Being able to ENVISION exactly the way the finished design will look is a huge ADVANTAGE.

4) Your goods STAY IN our store, right here in BROOKS! Others need to factor in shipping costs, and insuring goods for travel. As we don’t need to pay for these services, neither do you.

5) Last but not least, WE have over 40 years of EXPERIENCE in this industry. WE love what we do, and we have been doing it for a VERY long time. Give us your TRUST and BELIEF that we can create a ONE OF A KIND beautiful, exquisite items for you or your loved one.

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